Geoff Snider – Irish Teens Thrilled to Work w. Canadian FaceOff Specialist


    Geoff Snider has a big heart.

     How else to explain why the best faceoff man in lacrosse would stand in the rain in the dark teaching Irish teenagers his trade secrets?

      Snider held an impromptu clinic on the lawn outside Team Canada’s dorm residence at the University of Manchester on Thursday night.

    “It’s all about how you get out of the draw,’’ Snider was saying. “You’ve got to get your nose dirty, guys.’’

     Push, pull, direct the ball forward, dodge checkers, take possession and run like hell.

     Easy, right?

     For Sonny Campbell and Dexter Blanc, not quite, but they were trying as best they could to copy Snider’s moves.

     “We’re on a development team so we’re reasonably new to the sport,’’ said Campbell. “We know he’s one of the best in the world if not the best.’’

     No ifs about it.

     The two Irish lads had studied videos of Snider’s technique on their computers. They never expected to get first-hand tutoring.

     “I’ve had the Irish faceoff guy showing me but he’s only been at it for three or four years so it’s not the same as having Geoff Snider help you,’’ said Campbell. “Geoff has so much more experience.’’

     “Just learning the clamp and pull technique _ we’ve never been shown as well as we were by Geoff,’’ said Blanc.

     They found it hard to believe Snider would take the time to work with them.

    “He seems like such a nice guy,’’ said Campbell. “And he’s a good teacher. He shows you what you’re doing wrong and helps you correct it.’’

     The rain kept falling.

     It was nearly pitch-black dark.

     A teammate out for some air looked over, saw Snider with the Irish lads and suggested Snider get out of the rain before catching a cold. He’s too valuable to the team to have that happen.

     “Sorry, guys, but I’ve got to go in,’’ Snider said apologetically.

     He commended them for their efforts and headed to his room. Campbell and Blanc headed for their quarters with quite a story to tell their teammates.

Neil Stevens, Team Canada media contact

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