MANCHESTER, England _ Canada continues to build momentum at the world field lacrosse championships.
     A 17-4 victory over Japan, a 10-9 win over the United States and a 19-5 triumph over Australia was a good start in building towards the Thursday semifinals.
     There were 11 goal scorers in the latest win as the offence continues to pick up speed.
     “We want to have a balanced attack,’’ said offensive co-ordinator Randy Mearns. “If you try to defend that type of offence, who do you key on?
     “A balanced attack gives you a lot of weapons at a lot of different places so you can’t just key one guy. I think that is going to be huge for our success. Everybody contributes and everybody feels a part of it. That positive morale just continues to grow.’’
     This has to be one of the most talented group of shooters ever assembled and they’ve been willing to check their egos at the door.
     “We have a lot of character guys,’’ says Mearns. “That means everybody shares the ball.
     “It’s exciting to watch. We have a lot of great team lacrosse players and that’s been somewhat a key to our success. I think we’re going to continue building on that.’’
     Billings scored five against Australia, and somebody else will probably step up next.
     “It’s great to know as a coaching staff that at any time any one of our games can light it up for five,’’ says Mearns. “It’s exciting to work with a group of talented players who can all bury inside, they all have range from the outside, and when they come together it’s really a special thing.’’
    Much remains to be perfected.
     “Our sharpness, our crispness . . . we continue to get there every practice and every game. That’s the focus for us: we just need to get better every day.’’

Neil Stevens, Team Canada media contact

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