Canada’s Lacrosse Team Won With Class


From Canadian Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Team

May 29, 2011


     PRAGUE _ Winning was great but it is how his team won the world indoor lacrosse championship Saturday that most pleased head coach Ed Comeau.

      “When we picked the team quite a while ago, as always, there were a lot of people who questioned players we picked but we picked guys who we thought had talent and character and I think throughout the tournament that showed through,’’ said Comeau. “We played tough and we played hard but we also played clean and disciplined.

     “I’m very proud of our guys and our organization that we were able from start to finish to represent not only our country well but also the great game of lacrosse. I’m very proud and pleased with our guys.’’

     Canadian Lacrosse Association president Joey Harris could not have asked for more.

     “This was a great group,’’ he said. “These guys played with integrity and with respect, and they played hard. It’s one of the best teams I’ve seen in Canada.

     “They were perfect ambassadors for Canadian lacrosse. You couldn’t ask for more from this team. They’re more than deserving of this championship. Each one of these guys will cherish this for a lifetime and we’re awfully proud of them. If our teams in the future are like this in the way they handled themselves, we’re in for a great future.’’

     The 13-6 win over the Iroquois Nationals in the game for gold improved Canada’s record at world indoor tournaments to 17-0.

     The first world indoor tournament was played in southern Ontario in 2003 and the second was in Halifax in 2007. Taking it to Europe to spread the box game was deemed a success by the time players from the eight participating Federation of International Lacrosse members headed for home Sunday.

     “It had a unique feel to it,’’ said assistant captain Brodie Merrill. “We got great support from the local Czech fans. It’s a great city and we were very well taken care of. It was a great overall experience.’’

     The site of the next tournament, to be held in 2015, has yet to be decided but expectations are that it will be played in the United States.

     Assistant coach Derek Keenan, who was in charge of Canada’s offence, offered his explanation when asked why the attack was unstoppable.

     “Most important of all, every one of them checked their egos at the door,’’ said Keenan. “This was a very gifted and skilled group and they all came with one purpose.

     “None of them tried to be THE GUY. They were all, combined, THE GUY. They played as a team. That’s it.’’

     For Team Canada executive director Dean French, who poured so much of himself into this venture, the satisfaction of watching the players succeed was icing on his cake.

     “Our team executed the game plan for the tournament that our coaching staff put together and you couldn’t work with a better group of coaches, players and support staff,’’ said French.

     There’s the big picture, too.

     “It’s an exciting time for Canadian lacrosse and for Canadian sports,’’ said French. “With the 2010 hockey wins at the Olympics and with the 2011 indoor lacrosse win, we’ve now proven we’re No. 1 in both our national sports.’’

     One of the most effective members of Team Canada in Prague was team co-ordinator Alan Tsang, who was on top of everything at all times.

Team Canada media contact: Neil Stevens at

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