Canadians Pass On Lacrosse Tips to Slovakia’s Players


 From Canadian Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Team

 May 25, 2011


     PRAGUE _ Lacrosse legend Bobby Allan happily obliged when asked to join a Canadian contingent responding to a request from Slovakia’s team at the world indoor tournament to conduct a clinic for its players Wednesday.

     “They’re new at the game and they’re ready to soak up any information they can get,’’ said Allan, 76, of Peterborough, who is at the tournament as a member of the board of directors on Canada’s team.

     GM Johnny Mouradian, assistant coach Derek Keenan and staff members Sean Ferris and Ward Sanderson also passed on tips.

     “We showed them how they could develop good habits,’’ said Allan. “For instance, when you have the ball in your stick, you never stand still.

     “You’re on the move all the time. They would just be standing still with the ball. Some of their fundamentals needed improvement, such as weight transfer when they throw the ball _ little things that will eventually make them better players.’’

     Allan borrowed John Grant Jr.’s stick for the clinic.

     “When you get involved with something like that there are teachable moments that come up through the course of the time with them that I find very, very rewarding,’’ Allan said. “They were very appreciative when it was over and I’d certainly love to do that again.’’

     It’s all about helping promote the sport, although Allan would never have imagined he’d be in eastern Europe doing this. There was no such thing as international box lacrosse in his day.

     “I’m really sorry that I missed all of this as a player,’’ he said. “It blows me away to see all these different countries being represented in this world tournament.’’

     Ferris, who is from Fergus, Ont., and who is an assistant coach with the NLL’s Colorado Mammoth as is former Vancouver player Sanderson, echoed Allan’s thoughts.

     “We’re one of the strongest nations in box lacrosse so this is like giving back to lacrosse, helping other nations improve,’’ he said. “They actually caught on very well. We had guys interpreting. We did a little chalk talk at the end and some individual teaching. They thanked us and said they learned a lot, so it was good.’’

     Discussions are being held to have Canadians participate in an exhibition lacrosse game in October between Slovakia and the Czech Republic before a pro hockey game in the big new arena in Slovakia’s capital. Goalie Matt Vinc and two or three other Canadian players would be inserted into Slovakia’s lineup for the game.

 TEAM CANADA media contact: Neil Stevens at

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