Individual Awards at the WILC 2011

Individual Awards at WILC 2011

A number of individual awards were handed out at the closing ceremonies of the 2011 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships and among the recipients were our Team Canada player and volunteers. 

All World Team:


Dan Dawson (CAN)

Casey Powell (USA)


Cody Jamieson (IRO)


Sid Smith (IRO)

Kyle Rubisch (CAN)


Matt Vinc (CAN)

The Best Individual Players:

Attack: Dan Dawson (CAN)

Transition: Cody Jamieson (IRO)

Defense: Sid Smith (IRO)

Goalie: Matt Vinc (CAN)

Most Valuable Player: Casey Powell (USA)

Spirit of Lacrosse Award:

Jane Edwards (AUS)
Donald G. ‘Doc’ Hedges (CAN)
Jindřiška Válová (CZE)
Peter Dunits (ENG)
Dan Leidl (IRL)
Denise Waterman (IRO)
Ivan Černák (SVK)
Jacques Bagley (USA)
Stew Begg (CAN – officials)

The Canadian Lacrosse Association wishes to recognize the above Team Canada players, along with Stew Begg, CLA Vice President of International Competition, and Doc Hedges, Team Canada physician, who contribute so much to our national team program.  Congratulations to all members of Team Canada for bringing home the gold!

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